Asterix contributors


On this page you'll find people from all over the world that contributed to our Asterix translation collection.
Due to the fact that I made this page long after I got all the Asterix books I may have forgotten some contributors. If I forgot you please let us know.

Hans Selles
Frederic Garriga Xifré
Na-Rae Han
Ma Jiali
Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom
Laura Koenders
Alvaro de Ory
Roel Vlemming
Joe Mizzi
Ronald de Graaf
Hendrik Kuiters
Trudy and Hildo Lankhorst
Huub van Helvoort
Andrea De Vecchi
Robin Sommeling
Erik Tjong Kim Sang
Gido Lankhorst
Evert and Ineke van der Meer
Erik Ju
Hank Janssen
Thomas Rust
Jorge Diaz
Jayantha Senevirathna from Sri Lanka
Robert, Esther en Julian Klaassens
Bruno Carpaneto
Walter Habraken

And many (internet) bookshops around the world.

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